SCRATCH ITALIA Proudly presents Battlestar Massive (A Tribute to James Brown)Our man in LA DJ IFTWthat also appear on
THE DIFFERENCE from ALIEN ARMY crew has something to say:
The idea came about at last year’s Freestyle Sessions World Finals. Battlestar had the idea of doing a big routine. Since Freestyle Sessions
World Finals is a BBoy event and BBoys love to rock to James Brown, the members decided to do a James Brown Tribute.
The Battlestar crew was originally supposed to do a big routine involving everyone. But since they have 9 members living between San Diego,
Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, they broke the routine in two different parts. Manwell and IFTW teamed up in LA; Cwitch, Virusss, Rayted R, and
Tanner teamed up in SD. Turbulence and Phonics were a part of it as well, but they performed some pieces of their DMC winning routines.
Battlestar Massive got together with DJ Cee Brown who happens to be badass at shooting and editing videos.
Then they got in touch with Kap (owner of Kapsoul) and had permission to shoot the video at his store.
On a sunny LA afternoon, the crew got together at Kapsoul in Downtown Los Angeles.

Battle Star Massive VIDEO (A tribute To James Brown)

Video Credits:
DJ Cee Brown: Video Producer
Manwell: Sound and Video Editing
Rayted R: Sound editing and mastering.
Tribute Routine Produced by the whole Battlestar Massive crew.

More About the Crew
Battlestar Massive is a Turntablist/DJ crew based out of Southern California. They’re battle tested – having faced off with top DJs around the world. They are proven champions.
Here is a list of Battlestar’s championship titles:
DMC USA Teams 2005, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
DMC Supremacy 2014
ITF USA Beat Juggling 2003
ITF USA Advancement 2004
ITF USA Scratching 2004
ITF USA Teams 2004
+ countless guitar store, record store, car show, and cigarette company battle championships.