DMC Italy

The most Powerful and World reknown Dj Competition since 1985
Home of the best Dj’S in the world.

Actually the most important categories are :
6Min.Classic Comp,Battle for Supremacy and a variety of different
On LIne Battles such as : Dmc On line
Regole di Gara: DMC Rules
DJ SKIZO is representing and managing the ITALIAN BRANCH.
DMC History


DMC 1989 champion :CutMaster G

DMC 1990 champion : Zappala

DMC 1990 World 2nd pl. : Zappala

DMC 1991 champion : Trip R.I.P.

DMC 1992 champion : KK(Salerno)

DMC 1993 champion : Mondello(Messina)

DMC 1994 champion : Mondello(Messina)

DMC 1995 champion : Mondello(Messina)

DMC 1996 champion:Black Sun

DMC 1997 champion: Nike (Cagliari)

DMC 1998 champion: Kollasso (Catania)

DMC 1999 champion: Inesha (Catania)

DMC 2000 champion: Inesha (Catania)

DMC 2000 team champion: Men In Skratch

DMC 2001 champion: Myke (Orvieto)

DMC 2001 team Champion: Men In Skratch

DMC 2002 champion: Myke (Orvieto)

DMC 2004 champion: Gengis (Roma)

DMC 2007 champion: Craim (Firenze)

DMC 2008 champion: Craim (Firenze)

DMC 2008 Team Champion :Intellivision(Tayone,Type,Trobb)

DMC 2008 World Finals Intellivision 3rd place

DMC 2009 champion: Mandrayq (Massa Carrara)

DMC 2010 champion: Mandrayq  (Massa Carrara)

DMC 2010 italian team champion: Blatters (Kame,Spass,Detox)

DMC 2011 champion: Mandrayq  (Massa Carrara)

DMC 2012 champion: Mandrayq  (Massa Carrara)

DMC 2013 champion: Bicchio (Rovigo)

DMC 2014 champion: Bicchio (Rovigo)

DMC 2015 champion: P-Kut (Stabio-Lugano)

DMC 2016 champion: Kün-Kut (Monza)

DMC 2017 champion: DJ Ghost (Pavia)

DMC 2018 champion: Antares Color (Trieste)

DMC 2019 6 Min champion: Ghost (Pavia)

DMC 2019 Battle For Supremacy champion: Bront (Milano)