Killa Combat Scratch

The most powerful Head 2 Head Scratch Batlle in italy since 2006
The formula was created to stimulate Dj’s to improve freestyle skills

One Turntable Comp,dj bring his own mixer,slipmats ,needles,records,
there is nothing prepared,the judges will provide at the time for a Unknown beat to scratch
8/16 Bars answer and question ,drumming and Phrasing can be requested.

DJ SKIZO is representing and managing the ITALIAN BRANCH.

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ITF KILLA COMBAT 2006: 1st Gengis (Roma), 2nd Mandrayq (Massa Carrara), 3rd Drugo (Roma)

DMC KILLA COMBAT 2007 1st 2P (Milano), 2nd Drugo (Roma), 3rd Mandrayq (Massa Carrara)

ITF KILLA COMBAT 2007: 1st 2P (Milano), 2nd Drugo (Roma), 3rd Pijei Gionson (Napoli)

ITF/IDA KILLA COMBAT 2008: 1st Fakser (Napoli), 2nd Simo-G (Sassari), 3rd Creeterio (Termoli)

DMC KILLA COMBAT 2008: 1st T-Robb (Modena), 2nd Bioshi Kun (S. Marino), 3rd Pijei Gionson (Napoli)

DMC KILLA COMBAT 2009: 1st Fakser (Napoli), 2nd Kame (Ancona), 3rd Simo G (Sassari)

DMC KILLA COMBAT 2010: 1st Fakser (Napoli), 2nd Kame (Ancona), 3rd Sputo (Sassari)

DMC KILLA COMBAT 2011: 1st T-Robb (Modena), 2nd 5L (Ferrara), 3rd Rash (Sassari)

DMC KILLA COMBAT 2012: 1st Simo-G (Sassari), 2nd Spada (Brindisi), 3rd da verificare

DMC KILLA COMBAT 2012 on line champ Breeda (Brescia)

DMC KILLA COMBAT 2013: 1st Simo-G (Sassari), 2nd Spada (Brindisi), 3rd da verificare

DMC KILLA COMBAT 2014: 1st 5L (Ferrara), 2nd Creolo (Maiori), 3rd Spada (Brindisi)

DMC KILLA COMBAT 2015: 1st Spada (Brindisi), 2nd Ghost, 3rd 5L (Ferrara)

DMC KILLA COMBAT 2016: 1st Spada (Brindisi), 2nd Piesun(Bologna), 3rd Ghost (Pavia) ,4th Bront (Milano)

DMC KILLA COMBAT 2017: 1st Protho Kay (Campagnola), 2nd Piesun(Bologna)

DMC KILLA COMBAT 2018: 1st Piesun(Bologna) , Protho Kay (Campagnola), 3rd Bront (Milano)

DMC KILLA COMBAT 2019: 1st Dj Bront (Milano), 2nd Mr. Element (Abruzzo), 3rd Pylone (Reggio Emilia)